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Waist Training Corsets at Corsets Plus

Train your waist into the perfect hourglass shape with these steel boned corsets designed for long term wear and body modification.

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Showing 1 to 4 of 4 (1 Pages)

Looking to buy a waist training corset can be confusing, but you have come to the right place! While all our steel boned corsets can be used for waist training, we find that underbust styles styles in neutral colors are your best, most versatile choice for every day wear for corset waist training and can be worn under or over your regular clothing. We recommend getting 2 corsets in the same size so you can trade off each day for proper hygiene and easier cleaning.

When selecting your size, be sure to measure your natural waist without a corset first. Then subtract 3 to 7 inches from that measurement to find your corset size. For waist training, we generally suggest subtracting 5 to 7 inches as this will give you room to progressively tighten your corset without having to buy a new one as often. Be prepared that as your body adjusts and your waist reshapes itself over time, you will need to buy progressively smaller corsets - remember waist training is a slow process and you should always go slowly to avoid injury.

See our article on tight lacing and corset waist training for more information and our full selection of underbust steel boned corsets.

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